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According to Wikipedia there have been fitness parks available in China since the 90's. The first facility of this type opened in Germany in 1999. In Switzerland, a pilot project was launched in the canton of Baselland in 2010. Four selected municipalities were assisted in the purchase of equipment with funds from the Swisslos Sports Fund.

Keeping fit is natural for many people and they have a lot of fun doing it. Others are not excited about exercising out in the woods. They'd prefer to feel animated to do it in town. In a fitness park you can find all your daily fitness programs in one place, which is constantly open. You can practice, agility, balance, strength, endurance and coordination independently and in freedom.
Who are fitness parks intended for?
The offer is aimed at people who want to exercise outdoors with the help of devices. A location close to a living environment offers access to all, regardless of age and physical performance level. Our offer also includes devices that are suitable for wheelchair users. In order to fulfill the aspect of health promotion, a training session of at least 30 minutes is recommended every second or third day. Children under 14 should use the equipment under the supervision of parents.
Why a fitness park?
A healthy lifestyle includes a good dose of exercise, a healthy diet, and social integration with society. A motion park offers the chance to meet people in sports and physical activities and to avoid social isolation. Those who live an active and independent life and can participate in social activities will probably also be healthier physically and spiritually.
Exercise protects against disease and impairments
Sports and exercise are the best medicine. In fitness parks several positive factors come together: Physical activity, fresh air and mutual cooperation. Just getting to the devices can be motivating. The circulation gains momentum and the muscles warm up.
Physical activity slows down the biological aging and degradation processes and protects against loss of functions, for example in the ability to walk, the increased risk of falls or the reduction of mental performance.
Physical activity also has a protective function against many chronic diseases such as osteoporosis, diabetes, cardiovascular diseases, arthritis and depression. It has a positive effect on the immune system and the psychological well-being.

Advantages of fitness parks

•    Spontaneous exercising in fresh air, without the need to set up an appointment
•    Playful strengthening of circulation, flexibility, coordination
•    Increasing the attractiveness of neighborhood
•    Meeting between the young and old
•    Maintaining social contacts
•    Free for all
More Safety - More value for you!

FitOut® devices bear the GS quality stamp for proven safety. You are in accordance with § 7 Equipment and Product Safety Act (GPSG) tested and approved by TÜV Süd

Maintenance requirements

•    Regular safety inspections by the supplier (maintenance contract)
•    Regular proper emptying of the waste containers by the municipality
•    Cleaning of the paths through the community

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Our Range of offer: FitOut® Fitness Parks

To successfully handle your project, we offer the following services:

Advice: We will advise you on the phone in a first contact. However, we'd be pleased to also offer our free site visits to discuss particular, local conditions. It is important to us to advise the people involved in the project individually and on site.

Workshops: We offer a workshop with the project managers and the future users.

Evaluation of Locations: We help you to evaluate the right location.

Device selection: In order to make the right choice for your project, we help you in the selection of equipment.

Planning Aid: For the planning phase, we offer free planning of the equipment including a representation of the local environment.

Visualization: For presentations, we offer architectural visualizations in 3D. Photo realistic images show your project as it will look after construction.

Information boards: Our offer also includes the design and creation of all tables and charts that are necessary to document a fitness park. With that, you assure the users the security to behave properly and to use the equipment effectively.

Opening: For the inauguration of the fitness park, we offer you our free services. We provide a complete music system with wireless microphone and 4 speakers.

Support of the park activities: To sustain and stimulate the use of the park, we recommend the integration of existing sports clubs that include the park in their programs. Through a range of regular exercise hours the park can become a place of movement and communication.

Maintenance Agreement: As part of a maintenance contract, we will visit your fitness park four times a year to check the devices for possible defects due to external influences. At the annual main inspection according to DIN EN 1176, among other work the mechanical components are inspected and lubricated. This ensures the functionality and the value of your fitness park over an extended period of time. A service contract is a useful measure to ensure the users safety.

A few tips:

•    Ideally, a fitness park is combined with benches to rest and watch, restrooms, water fountains, shade and sun spots.
•    Being next to a playground for toddlers can have a complementary effect, so that entire families can use the park closing the generation gap.
•    Ideal locations are green areas and being at least 50 meters away from busy roads.