Сооружения для самокатов

Skateboarding courses basically also work for scooters. However, there are facilities that are ideal for scooters. For example, scooter riders like to catch air out of a curved-transition wall, fly over a platform while they do a trick  and then land on a banked incline. They prefer square rails instead of round ones because they give them more stability during slide maneuvers.

On request, we consider scooter friendly obstacles in the planning of a skatepark.

Situations at skateparks can get stressful - skaters, scooters, inline- and BMX tracks cross paths. This can lead to conflicts. Because of that, we conduct safety workshops with professional scooter riders Roduit Simon and Benjamin Friant, so the young scooter riders can learn from them. What to you need to pay attention to at a skate park? Which line should I choose and which line should others choose?