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The subject of leisure is becoming increasingly significant in our society because we have more time available for it. Parks that offer active recreation and sports  are some of the most important open areas in the communities. These places, are a great resource for the residents, where integration and lots of social interaction take place, are a great resource for the residents.

Our offer contains the building blocks necessary to spark the interest of youngsters, adults and older people alike.

Our offer goes from children playgrounds with climbing facilities to skateparks, parcour facilities, mini-golf courses and outdoor fitness parks. For folks who tend to not embark on a trampoline or a skateboard, we propose a range of equipment used in outdoor fitness parks. We offer individual facilities as well as integrated solutions, including visualization, planning, architecture and construction supervision.

In the urban environment, modern architecture is transforming in order to integrate itself with leisure activities. Skateparks, climbing and parcour facilities are being transferred to areas that used to be reserved for relaxation only. Using 3D Visualization we're able to harmoniously integrate leisure and sports areas into park landscapes. 

Besides the product needed to equip leisure and sports parks we also offer our services and our acquired knowledge in these fields. We offer you our know-how in the form of advice (http://vertical.scwork.ch/workshops_hauptseite.html), workshops and planning.

Bring your questions to us, we'd be glad to actively support you in your project.


 In our webshop you can request quotes for SKATERAMPS with SKATEFACE® riding surface.



Concrete Skateparks



Indoor Skateparks

Depending on the size of your available indoor area we build smaller, individual facilities or larger combinations of street obstacles, miniramps and bowls.



Outdoor fitness parks

We design, supply and install outdoor fitness parks for municipalities and private customers. We also participate in meetings to support and consult if needed. Besides the creation of the parks we also offer maintenance check ups with a maintenance contract. Upon request, we provide our customers with only the equipment or turnkey parks.

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Leisure facilities

Under the title Leisure Facilities we offer climbing facilities, playground equipmentBike pumptracksparkour facilities and scooter obstacles in classic construction with a SKATEFACE® riding surface. Our scooter obstacles represent a new field that has been given little attention up to now. Scooter riders utilize the same skateparks as skateboarders, however there are specific facilities that were developed for scooters.

Bike Pump Tracks

A pump track is a 1 meter wide course for mountain bikes and BMX, that loops back to itself, allowing you to ride it continuously.



Climbing Facilities

Our outdoors supply includes climbing rocks, boulder spots and rock climbing walls with natural looking, landscaped rock structures made of colored shotcrete. Our climbing walls can also be used as noise barriers and are often used to promote slope stabilization, when you have a landslide problem.



Parkour Equipment

Parkour facilities provide the basis for the operation of this leisure activity and breathtaking sport. Our individually planned facilities offer beginners the opportunity to develop into professionals.



Scooter Facilities

On request, we consider scooter friendly obstacles in the planning of a skatepark.



Playground Equipment

Our playground equipment made of shotcrete is conceived by our design artists and can be turned into reality according to your specific wishes. Animals, mythical creatures, plants, water features like fountains, rocks or other items can be manufactured in many colors.




We've been offering skate facilities for rent for first-class events worldwide since 1989, and we've been keeping the pioneer spirit alive. Typical Swiss values such as reliability, quality and precision are just as important to us as functionality, safety and riding properties that can bring out the best performance of the top athletes in the world.




Because of the success of our Design Workshop for youth we have expanded our offering. We also offer Assembly Workshops, where the youth can actively participate and interact within the project. It's important to us that the needs of the youth are taken seriously and are promptly considered during the planning phase. A visit to our offices is the first step towards a successful project. During a tour of our offices the youngsters experience firsthand how skateboard facilities are manufactured.



Your Skatepark

As professional experts we conduct safety checks at skateparks, based on norms and safety standards such as the EN 14974 and the recommendations of the BfU. Existing skateparks sometimes can easily be upgraded to meet quality standards. Here you can find information on the reconfiguration / expansion of your skatepark. Sometimes it's worth considering a maintenance check up or repair as opposed to discarding existing elements. We'd be glad to advise you on what is worthwhile. The cities choose our inspection and maintenance program to relieve themselves from the obligations of performing regular inspections.



Extrusion bending service

The bending of profiles on a numerically controlled rolling machine with 3 rollers has become one of our specialties. We can bend radiuses, ellipses and parabolas of aluminum, steel or chromed steel profiles. You can bring your own materials, we also do contract work.



Metal construction works

Here is the information about our metal work shop.



2nd Hand

Information about used obstacles and other second hand facilities are here.




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