Street Workout

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Street workout has become a lifestyle for many young people and for those young at heart. A variety of exercises are performed on simple outdoor equipment by using one's own body weight. Street workout is free, can be practiced everywhere, promotes a healthy lifestyle and is a great way to socialize.

Typical dynamic street workout exercises are: squats, push-ups, pull-ups (with one arm and with both arms), chin-ups, dips, muscle-ups, sit-ups as well as 360s and switchblades. Street workout also includes static exercises like human flag, front lever, back lever and plank.

The configuration of our street workout parks can be developed during workshops and in close cooperation with the future users. We think it is important to directly involve the target groups in this process. The target groups are thereby directly integrated and their sense of responsibility increases. We recommend equipping the street workout parks with a fall protection area made of EPDM rubber. This fall protection surface is easy to clean and suited for floor exercises. The height of fall determines the thickness of the fall protection material and area. In order to ensure the safety of the users, no objects can be placed in this area. Different color combinations are possible for the street workout park and for the fall protection surface. The thickness of the fall protection surface, the height of fall and the fall protection area are carried out in correspondence with the norm EN 1177.

Our street workout parks are produced in our workshop in Frenkendorf according to EN 16630. We are happy to respond to individual customer wishes. Our facilities are designed to be especially robust since they are made of steel and galvanized. At the request of the customer the pillars are powder-coated with the usual RAL colors free of charge.

The street workout parks can be installed on existing asphalt surfaces. In order to guarantee a good stability of the park, we recommend using concrete foundations for the poles. It is also possible to fix the poles with special asphalt screws. This option costs less in the production stage but involves higher maintenance costs. Furthermore, the park can also be easily installed on a meadow. To do this it is necessary to install a frost-free-layer made out of gravel and a 15cm-thick layer of permeable concrete over the meadow. This then forms the foundation on which the fall protection made of EPDM rubber can be stuck onto.

The maintenance costs for a street workout park are limited to the regular cleaning of the surfaces and the emptying of trashcans by the municipality. We offer maintenance contracts for technical inspections, whereby we recommend two visits per year by default. The inspection intervals can be intensified for parks with a higher frequentation.


You can find our street workout products in the Shop