Paul Heuberger was Swiss champion for the first time in 1980 when he was 14 years old. He also held the junior Swiss record for skateboard high jump with 1.19 m. At age 17 he founded the Riehen Skate Club. In the following years Paul won Swiss champion titles in the halfpipe for several times and skated on a European top level. In a camp in Bourges (France) he met Tony Hawk, Mike McGill, Kevin Staab, and other professional skaters from the US. He decided to become a professional skateboarder.

For a time he lived in Geneva, because there was the only indoor skate park in Switzerland and he was able to skate every day. Paul had sponsors, was photographed for magazines and was on the way to live from skateboarding. In the near future, he wanted to live as a professional in the U.S. and skate full time. But after a series of serious injuries he realized that his career as a professional skateboard was no longer possible.

In the year 1988 Paul drew plans and realized a 9 m wide, 14 meters long and 3.5 meter high halfpipe from a steel construction on the sports field in Riehen. The dimensions were revolutionary at that time. The news of the "huge" half-pipe went around quickly in the skateboard scene. Halfpipe contests were held and soon the first requests from distributors and communities came in.


1989 Paul visited his skater colleague Dan Bourqui in Brazil. There he started to skate again after a break of nearly two years and learned how to skate without bailing. In Brazil he developed the idea to build skateboarding facilities professionally.

The private company Vertical Technik Paul Heuberger was founded in 1989 and 1997 it was converted into a corporation. From a one-man company, it developed into a company with a high reputation in the international skateboard scene. In the boom years around the year 2000 up to 25 people were working for Vertical.

As a supplier for events in Switzerland and for the European market, Vertical quickly gained a reputation of quality and reliability. Deliveries were made to almost all European countries and many municipalities in Switzerland. At the request of professional skaters mobile systems were rented to Australia and sold to the US and to Brazil.


Today, Vertical Technik Ltd. is specialized in design, manufacturing and rental of skateramps and skateparks. The range includes indoor skateparks made of wood, mobile skating facilities in steel with HPL riding surface and concrete skateparks for outdoor use. Among the own production, custom made products including metalworking and profile-bending works are of the core competencies of the company.

From development to manufacturing and assembly, the orders are performed with the utmost punctuality and the best quality. The name Vertical guarantees the highest quality, durability and functionality.

The motto of Vertical is "customer is king" and all is done to suit his needs.

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