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We offer a large selection of rental equipment for events. On one hand, our system of modular miniramps and halfpipes is available, which we can assemble as bowls, hips and spines. Elements such as over-vert sections, wall rides, extensions or roll-ins make the facilities more interesting. On the other hand, we build facilities for events out of wood, to be able to respond flexibly to the needs of the riders. We add handrails made of steel and also granite elements.

Vertical Ltd. systems are known worldwide as some the best mobile, professional, competition-quality skateramps available. Some of the best skateboarders train on our equipment. Sandro Dias has utilized a Vertical Ltd. halfpipe in professional events throughout Brazil for years. Red Bull operates in the USA with Vertical Ltd. halfpipes. Tony Hawk had his million dollar Boom Boom Huck Jam demo ramp designed by Vertical AG. In Europe, snowboarder Iouri Podladtchikov trains on a Vertical Ltd. halfpipe in his private gymnasium.

We have several street obstacles made for different technical levels available in stock. From a small demo at a festival to an international competition, we can cater to all needs. Since the structures are usually built individually, our stock is constantly changing. At the end of the season the facilities are sold for cheap. Ask for our 2nd hand list.

We transport our equipment with international transport companies. At the event site we need a forklift with 3 tons of lifting capacity to unload the pallets. The installation work is carried out under the guidance of our installation supervisor. The customer provides local helpers for the assembly and breakdown. Depending on the size of the project, we use two or more supervisors.

Our event facilities meet strict safety requirements. Our halfpipes and mini ramps are equipped with edge protection-profiles (form P) in order to best protect the spectators from accidents.

Our specialty is our flexibility and the high quality of our systems. With us you can create professional events where every detail is taken care of.

Please contact us to discuss your project. We've been offering our experience and expert advice since 1989.